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Saarbruecken, 09/2019

Through cooperation to a full-service provider

Takeover of PharmBioTec GmbH by Topmedicare GmbH made possible One-stop solution for the pharmaceutical industry

This year's takeover of PharmBioTec GmbH as a subsidiary of Topmedicare GmbH laid the foundation for intensive cooperation between the two companies.

The cooperation allows the companies to bundle their expertise and offer customers of the pharmaceutical industry a broad spectrum of services including one-stop solutions. Starting with the high-quality synthesis of active ingredients and excipients, through safety and efficacy studies, formulation development and the development and validation of analytical methods, to the aseptic and end-sterile production of clinical trial preparations and finished drugs in small batches, including quality control and release by a qualified person, the various stages in the development process of a drug are covered. Due to the GMP certification of both companies, all services comply with the demanding quality standards required in the development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

About PharmBioTec

PharmBioTec GmbH has been offering high-quality pharmaceutical services at its Saarbrücken location for almost 10 years. The range of expertise of the GMP-certified company stretches from synthesis to safety and efficacy testing of the active ingredients to Formulation development. In order to meet the high pharmaceutical requirements, all work is supported by an instrumentally well-equipped analytical system and monitored with the help of a QM system.

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